The heavens proclaim the glory of God!

                                                                                                                                  – Psalm 19:1 –


When Mother Maria dos Anjos Alves declared May 15, 2022-May 15, 2023 as the Year of Thanksgiving for the Canonization of Saint Marie Rivier… there was a wonderful response! All of us got on the move! To date, various countries still celebrate St. Marie Rivier’s Canonization in their Dioceses, Parishes, and local communities. There are beautiful initiatives that were done and will be done to commemorate this year of Canonization.  A year-long celebration is a prolongation of the joy and thanksgiving in our hearts that our dear Mother Rivier is among the Saints of the Church! What a grace to live this year and for the rest of our lives!

On October 2nd the General House community celebrated a mass of thanksgiving at the Pontifical Parish of Castel Gandolfo, in the beautiful Church of San Tommaso Villanueva. We celebrated the special occasion of thanksgiving with the faithful during the 11h30 mass.

Fr. Fausto, sdb celebrated the Sunday Eucharist and spoke heartily on the life of Saint Marie Rivier as an archetype of faith that transforms life. The mother’s faith transformed her daughter’s life from total immobility to a life of endless motion for the service of the Gospel. Marinette was completely healed in 1777 and served in the building of the Kingdom of God for the 70 years of her life. Her childlike faith has grown to full stature.  Today, her daughters who bear her spirit and charism continue to serve in the 4 continents of the world!  ‘If you have faith like a grain of a mustard seed… Jesus’ words remind us!

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After the event, we shared a meal at the General House outdoor space. A wonderful banquet created an ambiance of friendship, gratitude, and proximity. Some members of the community prepared a dance to the composition of Fr. Robert Lebel, An Open Gospel and an A-line dance was enjoyed by all! The cutting of a delicious cake was done by Mother Maria dos Anjos and St. Marie Rivier’s Postulators to mark this festive day!

The beauty of the surroundings of Castel Gandolfo accompanied the beauty of the Saint we are celebrating. In the spirit of thanksgiving, we can exclaim in the words of the Psalmist: The heavens proclaim the glory of God!

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Marie Rivier’s website is created to cover the Canonization events of the Congregation and afterward remains to be a content website for our Saint Marie Rivier. She lived a communicative faith. She lived and proclaimed Jesus Christ throughout her entire life! today she implores us to become an open Gospel where everyone can read Jesus Christ.

The website is an international website. Its contributors are from different countries with diverse cultures and languages. You will find diverse languages used on the website pages. The use of diverse language is an attempt to explore the diversity of style of writing, the different perspectives, the beauty of languages, and the colorful world of faith of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary in the four continents of Africa, and Asia, Europe, and  The Americas. Interculturality is a value that has a deep rootedness in the history of the congregation, Saint Marie Rivier’s heart embraces all for our God is a God who embraces all of us as brothers and sisters!

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