When someone asks: “Who is Marie Rivier?” we can truly say, “She is a woman who made a difference!” Already as a child, she thought about things in a unique way. She pondered on things, on the circumstances of her life that were very different from those of other children her age. As a child, she already knew and even felt what suffering and pain was since she was crippled. Instead of sulking, she devoted herself to having conversations with the Pieta- this sorrowful Mother with the body of her lifeless Son Jesus in her arms. Long hours of intimate and deep experiences of prayer formed her faith and eventually fashioned her into a woman who would bring many souls closer to God.

When her prayer ‘Heal me’ was answered by the Pieta – our Lady of Mercy, she pursued the project God had entrusted to her. Right then and there, she knew her direction, her goal and her life’s purpose. She had the strength of a vision of faith! Her love for God and her passion to make Jesus Christ known and loved grew stronger. Nothing could stop her, not the pain of her body nor her insufficient financial situation, not even the threats of the French Revolution. As long as there was a need for God’s compassion and love, she would always choose to become God’s instrument. Even today, her life and her example are very significant for many people who wish to follow Christ.

In a world where there are many challenges, may we become like Saint Marie Rivier who dared to make a difference every single moment of her life. Let us turn hatred into love, promote compassion amidst persecution and be courageous to face sufferings for the sake of the truth and of the Gospel.

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